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What Information Is Required To Produce an EPC?

Lady with clipboard outside house Our visit to your property is all about information gathering. We look at what type of property you have, it's construction and age, any extensions, wall thickness, the heating and controls, loft insulation, cavity insulation (if applicable), the type of windows and doors, and energy lights.

We do not need to review any of your gas, electric, oil or other utility bills and neither do we test any of your appliances. Our visit is brief and methodical.

Photographs are taken of all of the above as it is an evidence based survey.

Man unrolling loft insulation The data gathered upon the visit is then entered into a Government Approved Accreditation company's computer software programme which automatically generates a four/five page EPC Certificate and report. This will identify the property's energy rating and carbon emissions and the energy saving recommendations applicable to that specific property.

The EPC then has to be registered via the National "Landmark" databank whereupon it is then valid for 10 years.

Man injecting cavity wall insulation Also, a percentage of the surveys that we carry out are audited by our Accreditation company in order to ensure accuracy of information gathered.

Interestingly, most properties appear to achieve a "D" energy rating.

Obviously, the newer a property is the more likely it is to achieve a better rating in line with up graded building regulation controls.

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